Invitation to Totonou Seiza

You might have seen Japanese people sitting on their knees on Tatami floor or maybe you might have sat in the same way yourself. As you may know, that particular form of sitting on your knees directly on the floor is called seiza.

As a Japanese, sitting in seiza has been always a familiar thing but I was always like “My legs go numb and it produces so much pain every time I sit in seiza. I don’t like that.” I always thought this way.

However, my perception of seiza was changed completely by “Totonou Seiza” which late Mr.Shouzo Kanai, taught me. Mr.Kanai was one of the disciples of the founder Noguchi Seitai, Mr.Haruchika Noguchi.(Noguchi Seitai is a different type of Seitai than ordinary Seitai in which a practitioner performs treatment on a client and he or she receives it passively, rather it is like a physical education that you practice by yourself with the help of a practitioner to better organize yourself physically and mentally.)
Mr. Kanai incorporated Seiza in his seitai practice as a technique to organize the body and the thoughts of clients and eventually created his original version of Seiza “Totonou Seiza”.  When you sit properly in Totonou Seiza, your legs become stable, your brain rests, and your mind becomes calm. That feeling is so nice and comfortable.

The more you continue to practice sitting in Totonou Seiza, the more you will get the hang of it and be able to develop your physical senses and sensibilities, which will prepare the foundation of your body for unlocking your potential. This is hardly known to even Japanese people.

At our group, we consider it important for you to relax your body and learn about your body. Lesson begins with breathing practice and stretching your body. And after we do a bit of guidance, we will start practicing sitting in Totonou Seiza.

Please rest reassured that even those who are not good at sitting on their knees will be able to proceed to the best of their ability. We go step by step and slowly. Let us enjoy Totonou Seiza with us!!

For inquiries, please use the “”お問い合わせ” button in Japanese.


Mukoyama Garden

This is a relaxing public facility with a Japanese style garden in Nerima ward Tokyo. 3 minutes walk from Toshimaen Station (Toei Oedo line/ Seibu line)

【Participation fee

3,500 yen for a 90 minutes lesson (Tax included)

We accept only one person or two persons together for one lesson so that each participant can go deep in their learning and get the best benefit from the lesson..

Totonou Seiza work takes about 70 minutes and after the work, we will make some time for serving you tea. Please relax and share your feeling and thoughts with us.

Toyoki Takahashi